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Skubalisto is a respected Cape Town-based, South African artist. The painter, muralist and
portraitist is active and engaged in social and cultural awareness raising in his country and
community. His work addresses pertinent issues around social justice, identity and belonging. He is particularly passionate and vocal about young people ​on the African continent ​and their futures. Having completed his studies in visual and fine art he has over the last ten years built an acumen and practice that is distinctive and exciting.


With a long-standing passion and background in street art and being a muralist Skubalisto is
also an acclaimed muralist. His works are current, relevant and distinct and bear his signature tones and influences from his expanded skill across genres.


Skumbuzo Vabaza professionally known as ‘Skubalisto’ was born in Harare, Zimbabwe (1987) where his parents spent their twenties in political exile. Following on from his creative early context and experiences the artist’s entrée into the contemporary art world was exciting and happened early on. The key influences are evident in his work and this confidence in his expression is bolstered by the freedom of working with scale and colour, form and the fearlessness of working as a street artist before embarking on a formal career in fine art.

This background and combination of artistic skills and ability also place him and his work on a very similar trajectory to the UK-based artist Banksy.The artist’s preferred mediums for creating his work range from spray paint, acrylic, oil pastel, charcoal to ink. Skubalisto's primarily creates portraits in a contemporary expressionist style, both as murals and canvas paintings. He views his work as `a collection of ideas and stories that serve as visual diaries for the state of the world at the time of their creation.'


'I am not a writer; painting is my `weapon’ of choice. For me the makings of a true artist lies

in the fact that an individual can create no matter what medium they use’.

Supplied by Madlozi Art Gallery

& Everard Read gallery

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